Community Art Collective

“A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, the separation between [self] and the artist – not that alone, but also between [self] and all whose minds receive this work of art.”  - Leo Tolstoy

The Povertees Community Art Collective is a social platform that allows artists to showcase their work, participate as a member of our community, and contribute to our outreach, all at once. The Community Art Collective is part of a larger initiative to allow others to get involved with Povertees without having to donate financially. Instead, we are offering the opportunity to collaborate with us on pocket designs. 

How to Become a Featured Artist 

To submit your art, email a portfolio (at least 2-5 pieces, or a link to an online portfolio) to contact@povertees.com.

We feature all types of visual artists - painters, sculptors, digital artists, photographers, etc. If the vision and aesthetics of the work fit, we will feature you on our website and social media, and extend the opportunity to collaborate with us on a pocket design(s)! 


Featured artists can receive maximum exposure through a pocket design collaboration. Featured artists who would like to collaborate will work with our CEO and art director to create a design that fits with the style of the upcoming line. Artists are also allowed to use previously designed work. Once the pocket is printed, the artist’s name will be highlighted next to their pocket at all of our events, on our website, and through our social media. As people hear about Povertees, they will also hear about our artists (i.e. You)! 

The union of art + community + social good is our attempt to cultivate vision and creativity. It represents a new interpretation of what it means to live LifeSewnTogether


Jonni Cheatwood

Rachel Sierra

Ray Neutron