POVERTEES is a non-profit organization that uses fashion as a social medium to help willing individuals escape the cycle of poverty.

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  • The Community Art Collective

    “A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, the separation between [self] and the artist – not that alone, but also between [self] and all whose minds receive this work of art.”  - Leo Tolstoy

    This year we are launching the Povertees Community Art Collective – a social platform that allows artists to showcase their work, participate as a member of our community, and contribute to our outreach, all at once. The Community Art Collective is part of a larger initiative to allow others to get involved with Povertees without having to donate financially. Instead, we are offering the opportunity to submit artistic work. Along with contributing to our mission, artists will gain unique exposure for their talent and effort, and if a design is chosen for Povertees production (with artist consent), the artist will receive an agreed upon profit percentage. Thus, the Community Art Collective is an extension of the reciprocal giving that we encourage through our community outreach.

    We view art and community as two facets of the same human elements: both are conduits of self-expression; both are means of spreading awareness. Art, in its most symbolic interpretation, communicates a sense of common humanity. Art has the power to convey what we experience individually, in a communal setting. It allows us to reflect on what it means to be one person among many. Much like artistic expression, community reminds us that as people we are interconnected, and yet, distinct. We are overlapping personalities.

    A work of art does not simply produce feeling within its viewers, but upon them. An artist communicates something personal, and at times universal, to those who are able to see. Community does much the same. Make someone feel valued, make someone feel seen, and you empower them to see others.

    The union of art + community + social good is our attempt to cultivate vision and creativity. It represents a new interpretation of what it means to live LifeSewnTogether. To submit your art, email a portfolio (at least 2-5 pieces) to contact@povertees.com

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